Question for people who have metal screws in their bodies or intimate piercings?

... does it peep when you go to through metal detectors?

Do you have to bring a testimony with you that proves you had an operation that left you with screws in your body?
Do you have to show them your intimate piercings? O_O


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  • Yes the latest metal detectors perform the function for all types of metals.
    Once upon a time a testimony was required but is not so common nowadays.
    It is advisable for one to let the officials know beforehand on your status.
    Intimate piercings are either a couple of rings or pins at the obvious places but with the latest xray machines at Intl airports , everything is visible.


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  • I'm pretty sure it doesn't beep.
    If that were the case my ear piercings and tongue piercings would go off every time I enter a metal detector.

    That would be funny if it did though , lol.


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  • I think they use a portable detector in case theautomatic one gives an alarm signal.
    With the portable detector they can determine which exact spot on your body the alarm comes from. They'll see the metal object - for example piercing - and it will be okay.
    They'll be able to see for themselves that there's nothing on you if the metal is inside (for example placed there during surgery).
    I've often triggered alarms with my shoes - sometimes metal rings are used for the laces. They pass over them with the detector, ask you to remove them and have a further look. But it's never been a problem :D


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  • I have metal hardware in both my legs it has never been a problem going through security.

    • Just might add I have told security of this before going through.

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