Can/Should I donate GAG T-shirts to the poor people of N-America?

Sometimes, I think RAVEN doesn't deserve it as much as the poor people do. I think I should buy T-shirts from my points and donate them to the poor people of N-America.

But, this doesn't seem to be a pragmatic approach for a random guy on the internet sitting miles away having no connections there.

Is this a good idea?

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  • I voted yes as a joke but honestly no. We have to much unused clothes circulated around the world and we don't need to accumulate more with GAG t-shirts. Only 10% of clothing in thrift shops is sold before being shipped out to third world countries. Like some of the other users have mentioned it would be nice for GAG to offer more charities for donations.


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  • I think that it's a good idea. Honestly, I'm not even sure what RAVEN does :/ But donating to the poor and homeless is always a good idea (though there are better things than t-shirts to give if you really want to).

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    • I think that'd be a great idea :)

    • That'd be more expensive. But you're also right.

  • Well I voted No because if a homeless person is wearing a girls ask guy t-shirt people will assume that he is not actually homeless.

  • I guess, but they're kind of ugly. Why would anyone want them?

    • Those who have nothing to wear?

    • Honey. There are plenty of other things to wear. And there aren't that many people who are so poor they are literally naked (at least not in North America).

    • Poor idea it is then :/

      Thanks for the information :-)

  • Yes I wish there were other organizations we could donate our xper points to.

  • Yes great idea it'd just take a long time to get them. Gag should let you donate to who you want.


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