Have you ever seen an old free-runner?

^this guy seems to be 80+ but he’s as good as a guy in his 20s when it comes to parkour…agile and strong enough to knock down those 2 young guys o_O

is it possible for someone to be so agile and strong at this age? if yes how can someone achieve this?


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  • He's just a young guy wearing a latex mask to make him appear old.

    It was still a really cool video tho.

    Realistically I don't think it's possible for an 80 year old to be that agile and athletic. Maybe in the future as medical advances take place but currently I doubt there's any 80 year old who can do that.

    • You've obviously never met my sensei then.

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    • @Phoenix98
      I know, I was just being a smart ass 😊

      Are there any videos of your sensei on youtube?

    • Lol I figured as much lol

      And no he was doing his thing way before internet became wide spread like it is now, now he just teaches and fights only when he has to, but he used to have the greatest competitive fighting team in the world.

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  • Well this guy really isn't that old it's just a mask but that being said I know a man who is in his 80s but he is in such great shape that his body is actually 30+ years younger then he is and he is stronger, faster and better then most men our age.

    This is him my sensei, Grand Master 10th Degree Dan Sam Price

    This man is in his late 70s early 80s and he puts most men our age to shame I've also seen/heard of him beat multiple guys up at once without breaking a sweat, for messing for with people or with his mustang. He is living proof that age really is just a number if you truly take care of yourself, one of his other students my sensei at the moment Philip Caldwell is in just as good of shape as he is and is in his 50s.


    • impressive... just noticed he has a blog as well

    • Mhmm, trust me on this the man is almost superhuman when it comes to his level of fitness at that age lol.

  • I agree with others probably a young guy in make up - I have never seen one beyond 40 - Like most things age catches up with you

  • Lol that was a stunt devil