Do you think 5'8 is short?

okay i am 5'8 and i have always felt short. i am big for my height though i am around 200 pounds and have a 5% body fat. i do MMA and i have a black belt in muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsiu. i played rugby and ice hockey in high school and i have always been the shortest kid on the team. i have always been very self concious about my height and always wished i was taller. the thing that annoys me the most is that there are a lot of girls that are my height and that makes me feel bad about it. i have always had to overcompensate for being short so i got really into weightlifting and MMA. for MMA i am pretty good i do a lot of tournaments and i do a lot of competing and i practice it everyday. i am actually considering making a career out of it. i have been known to beat guys that are much taller than me i have beat a guy that was 6'4 before and all the guys i have fought have been over 5'10. so i know i can't change my height so i just work with what i got. i only wish i was taller so i could be more confident with girls


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  • No , I think that's pretty much average height.

    No one notices a inch difference would 5'9 being the average male height.


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  • 5'8 isn't short, but I may be
    biased as I'm the same height.

    Height doesn't really add much positive
    except for reach, and certain girls sexual preference.

    When it comes to everyday life, having a good size
    stature and such, is much better than being tall.

    And especially if you're practicing martial arts
    you should know, that being shorter than the adversary
    actually has more positives, than negatives.

    I can understand how you feel, if you really long for
    a girls companionship but tall girls make you nervous.

    The best thing one can do in life, is not too seek out a partner
    but rather, to focus on what you really want to do, then the partner
    you wanted in the first place, "may" just come to you, instead.

    +1 for for practicing martial arts though
    I have nothing but respect, for fellow martial artists. ^.^


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  • depends where you're at

    amongst guys of my ethnicity, 5'8" is pretty damn tall


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  • its avg
    but now days people are giant... lol!
    i see so many tall girls and guys!
    i am 6ft and all my roommates are gonna be taller than me this up coming semester lol!

    i think 5'8'' is solid and you seem to be one heck of an athlete, any girl who is 5'8'' or under will have no problem bro

  • Meh. I'm 5-8 and have a seriously beautiful girlfriend. The only way for you to get more confident with girls is to talk to them. Ask them out. It only hurts for a little while and then life is great.