Does Drinking Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?


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  • over time it depletes thiamine which leads to a shrinking brain, however this takes a lot of drinking and is more common in a person with a nutrient deficiency, like a homeless person. And of course mouthwash and hairspray is a different type of alcohol (isopropyl) which is in fact a neurotoxin, and very much destroys the brain.

    so do not worry, just don't get smashed every day and do not drink mouthwash.

    • i dont drink moutwash and i dont drink everyday or everyweekend... just some weekend

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  • I don't know what actual science says about it. I'd guess that no, it does not kill brain cells. But I wouldn't be surprised if it morphs them. Meaning that it damages them, along with damaging a lot of other stuff in the body.

    • so basically it just damge the barin?

    • That's what I think, yes. But like I said I don't know what current science says.

    • oh ok thanks

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  • Science says yes. Of course, it's only when done to excess.