Is it pushy to ask my boyfriend to put our date on his instagram?

we're in an ONLINE RELATIONSHIP and its not a secret to anyone, but i noticed he didn't put 'taken' or our date on his bio. and girls comment on his pictures a lot. how can i tell him without being pushy? or should i leave it


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  • meet in person online relationships are fake if you never meet. Go on a date then he can.

    • but we've already met twicee and we Skype

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    • no i didn't think that he hasn't it was more of an if he hasn't. Nothing to freak out about because I wasn't sure.

    • Basically if he really likes you it won't be a problem

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  • yeah kinda. like why do u feel the need to show it off to the world?

    take it from me. a relationship kept between u and him is much better. bring other people into the picture and it's not so great. so what if girls comment? if he's loyal to u he won't make much of it.


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