My new 32 inch HDTV isn't showing great picture quality due to the fact that I'm using a coaxial cable to get my channels?

What else do I use to get a better picture?


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  • Cable provider? Model and brand of TV? Some times really cheap TV's have bad picture quality no matter what setting on the TV you change or the quality of the source signal. Is the cable from your wall connected directly to you TV or is it connected to a box than the box is connected to your TV. Most likely your only receiving SD channels. Either need to go into channel settings on your TV and rescan for channels or contact your cable provider about how to get HD channels, most likely you'll need an HD settop box to get HD channels and must be connected by HDMI or component or the HD will be down converted to SD, HDMI is what you want as it supports full 1080P resolution, where component is maxed at 720p/1080i resolution.

    • I live in an apartment so I don't have a box, but the provider is Cox. I get my source directly from the wall. So it sounds like I need an HDMI converter or scaler. But which one is it because I think they're both different?

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    • Most likely you do need a HD box for Cox. Your cable being included in your rent complicates things, as in order to get a settop box you haft to rent it from cox, and this gonna really hard to do since your landlord is in charge of the cable bill. The best you can do is contact Cox to see what they say, and possibly contact your landlord about getting a box from Cox.

    • Thanks for MHGO :D.

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  • Use whatever kind of cables and connectors they recommend. If you are already doing that and still getting a bad picture then something else is wrong. Make sure the cable is good quality also. But even with a good quality cable, it's possible to get a bad one.

    Something simple to try is changing the routing of your cable. Keep it away from other cables, metal, and sources of electricity like power cords.

    Check that the connectors are good. Make sure nothing is bent, twisted, broken, etc. Make sure it's plugged in properly and snug.

    Try jiggling the cable and moving it around while someone else watches if the picture changes.

    Don't use a longer cable than you need to.

    • I think the problem isn't the cable wire, I think problem is most likely duo to the cable source being SD and her TV being HD, usually SD doesn't look as good on a HD TV as it does a SD TV.

    • That's part of why I said to use whatever they recommend. Everything else is assuming she's using the right gear but it's still not working.


  • You need an HDMI connection or component right? Is that what you mean

    • I was thinking that. It's a 1080p and I was looking at converters. But it seems I might need a scaler to transfer the analog signals to digital so that I can get a better picture. I just don't know much about them though.

  • Change the resolution and lighting on the settings (cinema/game/dynamic/natural) until it becomes clearer?

    • I've done that and it doesn't work. I might not have tightened the cable tight enough...

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