How would a shy person go about starting a conversation with another shy person?

I don't want it to be super awkward. Any advice?


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  • Embrace the awkwardness lol... I'm awkward and shy, and as I've gotten older I've learned that all you can do is embrace your true nature and laugh at things. It's endearing

    • And more specifically, strike up a conversation about ANYTHING... you as a girl naturally have the upper hand when talking to a guy in the beginning (pinky promise!). Again, I have found that guys love quirky girls, and the more cute/ dorky your are, the more different and interesting you are from anyone else. And it makes you seem more confident.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • You REALLY need to know something about someone before you ask about "what to talk about" outside of the small talks...

    • Alright, I know a few things about them.

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