If we could hang out for the day, What would you want to do?

Most creative idea gets MHO!!! get those ideas rolling!!!
Girls, what would you come up with?


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  • Visit Hutchinson underground salt museum which what that is, is an museum that houses movie memorabilia, original costumes from famous movies and even the original reels from many of the most classic and famous movies and it is inside of a actual functional and working salt mine which people are mining and working in as you look around.

    And or go to the Cosmossphere a space museum in town which houses one of the largest collections of space artifacts in the United States as well as an Imax theatre which makes you actually feel the movie, like if someone jumps off of a cliff, you'll feel it lol.

    There's also fishing, shooting range.

    And of course go and eat at one of our many old fashioned family owned restaurants, one of the best barque places in the state Roy's , were their motto is we're open til the meat runs dry ( which is actually true ), an old fashioned soda fountain, diner that's been open since 39 I think, fun place great food, can eat up at the bar and watch the cooks, cook and talk with them. And other places around there, even have an old fashioned Dairy Queen.


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  • I would want to first go to the AGO (Art gallery of Ontario) see some of the exhibits. Then head down to the Toronto beaches to walk and have ice cream. Also, they have gardens people rent out along the path so it's interesting to see what people are planting. Then we could get some lunch at Jack Astors and some beers. After that just find somewhere to hang out or walk and talk more.

  • Go to six flags
    Go to the water park
    Invite friends to a house party
    Have a cook out
    Have someone bring the beer
    If someone passes out... >=)
    Light fireworks
    Stay up all night
    Feel wasted in the morning.

  • We'd wake up early and go on a nature hike while the dew was still on the grass.
    Then we'd stop at a little cheese shop and get tasty breads, cheeses, and meats (for you).
    We'd go back in the forest and hopefully spot a bear and her cubs and also not get attacked.
    Then we would go to an art gallery and afterwards paint.

    Then we would go to eat at Chipotle. We'd drive by Moe's and throw dog poop and old corn cobs at the windows and scream "Chipotle is better. Your food taste like crap!"
    Then we'd get arrested.
    My friends would bust us out and we'd end up in a space ship listening to the most transcendental music known to human or other ears.
    We'd close our eyes and be on a roller coaster and when the coaster stopped, we would be in the Galapagos.

    • the first 4 sounds very good

    • Ok, we wouldn't do the drugs.
      After the painting, we would go to a comedy club and sit out of sight.
      After laughing out lungs out, we would go to a roller skating rink during 70's night and try not to fall. But if you knew you could teach me.
      Then we would go to an expensive restaurant and get take out of that and chinese food.
      We would take our food up to the planetarium and gaze at the stars on a bed of pillows and blankets while eating our food.

    • yep, sounds like thats all a good plan

  • I got it I always wanted to go see the monster trucks. Lets get tickets for that.

  • Visit as many food places and just stuff ourselves with food!
    I absolutely love fooood! hahha :D

  • Going to the zooooooooooooooo :)


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