What's the best way to react when a friend gets drugged at a party?

You don't necessarily have to read the following wall of text to answer my question.

This weekend, a female classmate invited me to go clubbing with her. She brought a few other guys along too, although I didn't know any of them. Most of her friends are guys, and she likes to keep them around "for protection" when going out at night. In return, she gets them some free drinks. Since she is admittedly very attractive, all she needs to do is sit down at the bar and wait for free drinks to come flying her way, which she then shares with her friends. I stopped accepting drinks from her after one incident where I don't have any memories for the rest of the night after one drink. I suspected that whoever gave it to her must have drugged it, but she insisted that I'd simply been very, very drunk, even though it was my first drink that night (and the only one I remember). What can I say, she trusts guys way too easily.

At some point, the other guys left one after another, and it was only the two of us. She said she'd stay as long as I stayed. Now I'm an introvert and don't really like clubs, but she seemed to be enjoying herself, so we stayed. I went to the toilet and when I came back, I saw some guy drag her along. She seemed drunk to the point where she was about to pass out. That couldn't have happened within a few minutes. I asked her if she knows that guy and she told me to leave her alone in a very slurred speech. The guy told me he doesn't need my help, his "girlfriend" simply drank too much and they're going home now. First I wanted to get help from the bouncers, but whom would they believe if my classmate acted like that? The next best thing I could think of was getting some female witnesses, I certainly didn't trust any more guys in that situation. Two girls agreed to help me get my classmate outside and stay with me until the ambulance arrived. The guy had simply disappeared without me noticing.

My classmate says she doesn't remember anything. Confirms my suspicions.


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  • Wow you sound like a hero, not even kidding. If anyone I knew was drugged at a party I'd probably take them outside or to their house if I know where it is, but an ambulance is probably a better idea.

    Either way I never go to parties. Too many loud people D:

    • I didn't really know what I was doing at the time, I just wanted some professionals to help me. It turned out that calling an ambulance was definitely a good idea. My classmate said a nurse in hospital had told her some date rape drugs can be insanely dangerous in combination with alcohol, and random rapists usually lack medical knowledge, so they could end up lethally overdosing their victims too. They also took a blood sample in hospital and found out that she really was drugged, but that didn't help us at all because the police don't care either way.

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    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • Go clubbing in a better area. Honestly, if your friend hasn't learned her lesson after this then just let her go. She'll get it soon enough.

    • I think it has nothing to do with the area. That time when I ended up with the spiked drink, it was in another city and in an area that is considered a "good area". I also understand now why she didn't take it seriously that time. If I'd found her like that after half an hour, just sitting at the bar, I would have thought she was just extremely drunk. What made me suspicious was how quickly it happened. And of course a guy I've never seen before trying to "help" her. On the other hand, she finally believes my version now because she realized that the memory loss from being drugged feels different from blacking out after too much alcohol. So yeah, I'm sure she learned her lesson.

  • she should consider not going out anymore

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