Ever potentially something more between us? when will a guy get over the wanting to sex everything stage?

Know this guy he lives in florida I in nj- his family also lives there
He started talking to me and said he liked me even when i had a boyfriend flirting like saying things as i will love him one day, future wife, how are we going to get our relaionship started and the trip was a girlfriend recruiting trip etc
Went with freind to visit-freind moved in with him
He was amazing treating me as a girlfriend etc went out to eat just about every night, held hands in the car, kisses, called me babe and everything else
I left and we both were unsure what to call what we had, but he wasn't ready for anyhting-he was cheated on and doesn't trust people.- told him he should trust me and he said it will take time but ill try.
I sent a thank you gift he called thanking me and calling me amazing
We talk everyday through texts and usually talk until we go to bed
nothing like before i went to fl but still good.
I know i can't stop him from having sex with other people- he did some girl from tinder. Why do guys want that. freind told me about him talking about thrill of chase with tinder etc. Why do they do that though? You have a good girl here, eventhough in another state?
Will he get over that and be with me, maybe if i moved to fl? I was thinking about it nothongs worth it here anymore.
Texted me the other day saying he missed me at a place they went to. I said he was lying and he said no for real i missed you.
Are all these signs mean he likes me? how can i show him im worth it? and will he ever stop with the tinder stuff etc ( maybe bc i live here, its easier he doesn't want relationship with them and maybe wants with me) How do I get him to see and be my boyfreind. I really like him and i feel he likes me too could he just be really scared?


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  • he likes you.