Guys, is this super weird? Would you be creeped out?

Okay so me & my ex are still friends sometimes we send eachother nudes
Awhile back he sent me a dick pic & i was really stoned ( a mixture of adderall & weed ) & he's always had like a pretty dick so i decided to draw it & then it slowly morphed a painting of this girl sucking his dick while looking up (pov shot i guess)
Then i liked the painting not because of him really its just I don't know looked really awesome like graffiti so i hung it & then posted it on all my social media & everyone loved it... mind you no one knows about it being my exes dick
Anyways cut to the other day me & him were talking & i told him about it & how thats his dick & he was quiet for a few mins & i was like "please dont be mad... are you mad?" & he said " no i like it" & we continued to talk but im wondering like what really went through his head.. maybe he thinks im a weirdo or I don't know what would you guys think if it was you?


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  • I think that's pretty cool, actually. I like it when girls aren't all skittish about sexual things and they can see it as a form of art and self-expression. I always found it depressing that most girls seem to think penises are ugly and I wish they had the same admiration for the male body that we have for the female body.

    So yeah, the fact that you can find beauty in penises and blow jobs and make art out of it and not be ashamed to share it is pretty awesome. If that's weird, I think we could do with a little more weirdness in the world. Weird girls are awesome!

    • Thank you for not making me feel like the worlds biggest creep >_<
      Its hard being a spacey weird little painter lol

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  • A bit weird i have to admit, that you don't mind family and friends seeing that's what you're about. I think he was confused or shocked to answer your question.

    • Well like I'm a painter & I follow my inspiration.. I understand it might seem strange but if any of them feel uncomfortable they can delete themselves.. I'm not a family person anyways I only have my & dad n sister n they both laughed @ the caption "the early bird gets the worm" thought it was pretty cool

  • It is kinda weird yes

  • super creepy and super slutty. would break with her asap.

    • Why is it super creepy? I just used his dick as a prototype basically because he sends me like a billion pics of it & how is it slutty? :/

    • well it kinda is

    • Oh well... thanks for your opinion.

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