Do white guys and girls face the music by their parents if they found that they are dating and having sex with non white guy or girl?

I am wondering how White parents react to interracial dating...
Do white parents object when they find that a girl or guy is Having relationship with non white guy or girl?
If yes, how do they react in such situation?


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  • No? We don't care about race as much as you think we do.

    I know other races love to think that whites are all anti non-whites or whatever or that it's this HUGE deal to date outside our race. It may be a HUGE deal for another race to date a white person, but the white person in the relationship couldn't care less. Nor could their family. Unless they're like some backwoods southern civil war family that's still hella racist.


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  • No they don't.

    Contrary to the hate and distrust that black people raise their kids with, most white people don't even bother talking about non-whites.

    Interracial dating isn't discussed until it actually is a factor in someone's life. Then the pros and cons are talked about.


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  • Individual families are different... in some families, the parents are racists douche nuggets... in most they are not.

  • Umm I wouldn't know (I'm dark skinned) but yeah some white parents are like that. I think it's quite rascist to not let ur child love whatever race they want.


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