I haven confidence in everything except dating?

so i have it pretty good right now and i have confidence in myself in the most things i do.

im going to uni, i have my own apartment, i got friends, im in good shape and everything si kinda great right now. Im positive i'll do well in school and make myself even fitter, But when it comes to guys and dating i have very little to no confidence. I want guys attention, and i get attention from some guys, just not the guys i could see myself ever dating... Its not like i really make an effort, i dont have the confidence to do so, but i when guys i start talking to, just to be friendly shows that they are uncomfortable with it (could be different reasons) i feel discouraged.. i mean if that unattractive guy that im only trying to be nice to isn't interested in talking to be, its not a good thing.

My "history" is embarassing.. No boyfriend, i "dated" two guys.. nothing came out of it.. i have been on dates with guys i didn't find attractive, simly because they asked me..

Im outgoing and talkative with everyone i talk to.. unless they are very stand off -ish.. and im planning to go to the gym a lot, volunteer and maybe join some other activities. So i dont know what to do.. one part of me want to think "im unattractive, but instead of feeling sorry for myself i should just deal with it and own it", and another part of me thinks "im not unattractive.. its not like i have made an effort to talk to guys i like, and cute guys have shown interest in me before, but i know i can home across as stand off ish sometimes"

I dont know what to do... Any advice on how to deal with this kind of thing?


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  • You sound like a perfect girlfriend to me. The guys you talked to that get uncomfortable with you are just nervous around you, just keep talking to the guy's you like, one will snap you up. Be happy with yourself, what one person finds attractive, another won't.. everybody is different. Keep being yourself, it will happen.😉

    • Aw thanks :) and I hoping so..

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    • i guess so... by the way do you have any advice on how flirt with guys at the gym? i get quite a lot of attention at the gym, but i either just give them a blank stare when they look or I dont give eyecontact at all.. I dont know what it is. Or why i do it.. but yeah.. i but i can managed to smile to a guy i think that would help be a lot,, even if nothing else happens

    • I go to the gym a lot, and girls in leggins will be able to have me eating out the palm of their hands lol. I've had some girls ask me to check if they are doing their exercises right, like doing it deliberately wrong, so I will come over and help her out. Don't wear earthpones as he will think you don't wanna be bothered, and glance with a little smile. Then if he comes over you can start talking about how often you go to this gym, and maybe say you need help with your running, outside of gym. Get the number, if u wish to date him, and he could offer to help your running on the outside.. then go from there.😉

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  • How badly do you want a boyfriend?

    • A lot. ... but im confidence is too low to make an effort with the guys I want

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    • i dont want a lot.. first of all i need to find him attractive, he doesn't have to be super hot and have a six-pack, just a cute "normal" guy.. And we should compatable.. and i would want a guy who cares about healthy, either by eating healthy or/and working out. Its not a must, but its highly prefered... As long as he doesn't sit at home all day and is supported by his parents I dont really care about education or what job he has. So yeah, thats very simplified what i want in a guy

    • Okay, keep that image in mind because I promise that you will one day meet the man that was meant for you. This sounds cheesy, but faith really does work 😊

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