What is the dumbest question you have seen on GAG so far?


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  • "He/she looked at me, what does it mean?"

    "Does guys/girls ever masturbate?"

    Some anonymous guy posting
    very revealing images of his ex.

    .. I could keep going, but it'll
    only get worse.. so I won't.


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  • 'Help my relationship is about to break. Me and my boyfriend keep fighting because of my insecurities. He says that I need to stop bringing up the past. What should I doooooooooooooooo?'

    I kind of hate it when people ask a question and they already put the answer in it. They know what the cause is, and yet still don't do anything about it


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  • "Any pale girl wants to date a terrorist and have fun bombing people? I know most of you don't like the likes of me but could there be at least one out there?" <--- That was the dumbest question i have seen so far :)

  • Mrs. Clements told me there was no such thing as a stupid question 😝
    She was my first grade teacher

    • Mrs. Clements is/was right.

      You won't learn, if you don't question
      after that, it all depends on the answers. ^.~

    • @Aizou yes she is!
      she gave me the confidence to ask whatever i wanted no matter how "stupid" it sounded, i always got an answer, i always questioned and now i like to think i am more knowledgeable because of that. i love that lady, she is my neighbor lol!

  • Almost 30% are dump and 10% are very dump, i see many dump questions everyday but can't pick one


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  • Somebody asked if they could travel to the sun in winter and not get burned to death...