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When someone asked about "zyzz's" life

"my life is not like that at all. Partying, massive music festivals, chillin with friends, uni lifestyle of only going to classes for a few hours a day, looking forward to going gym and catchin up with mates having epic workouts talking about the next event we can put on display our aesthetic beauty. Girls drooling over us, unlimited attention, being recognised, known, and having a reputation. Girls want me and guys want to be my best friend.

Having a hot girlfriend that every guy wants and she doenst look at any of them because she knows im the best.

Summer. beaches. Girls. Long, massive parties with every girl asking you for photos and licking your chest/abs. Being desired and talked about and bragged about to girls and their friends.

Racking up, coked up, ecstasy, G, getting ****ed up and having memories to remember for a lifetime.

U mad?"

do this and u will be dead before ur 30 xD


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  • I would have had much more respect for him if first of all, he did it all naturally, and secondly, he didn't adopt the douchebag persona the most bodybuilders do.