Are you more turned off by hair or stubble?

People shave, obviously. (some) girls shave everywhere and then some, guys shave... whatever it is they shave. But when it comes to being intimate with someone are you going to be more turned off if they have hair in the places they typically shave, or if they have stubble there? Things only stay silky smooth for an x amount of time after shaving, so it kind of makes you curious.

Also is there a difference if it's a long term partner vs someone you've JUST started hooking up with? I dunno, I've never been in a relationship to the extent of sharing a bed / sleeping space with them, nor have I had any ONS's or anything, so I don't have any personal experiences to reflect on for an answer for this.

I know personally though I'll wake up say on Monday, shave in the shower that morning, and by Tuesday morning I'm decently stubbly. Not everyone has the same re-growth rate, though.

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  • for me, that "fuzz" or "peach fuzz" as some call it, is natural. I don't mind it at all.

    • Peach fuzz is totally normal, but definitely different than stubble / hair that can be on some body parts ;p

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    • Yeah, it seems like most would be turned off by hair not stubble, according to the poll.

    • I haven't voted yet but even a little bit of hair is fine.

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  • One lady friend of mine have once said to not save...
    Why? Cause when I give oral my stubble/failed attempt at a mustache brushing against her lady parts feels good.

    She said the same about pubic hair.

  • For hook-ups, lots of hair is a big no. Stubble is ok as log is it isn't too excessive down there. Can get a little painful if it is. Besides that, hair is ok.

  • Neither bothers me...
    Stubble can be awkward though... like.. slight velcro effect.
    Neither is a "turn off" though

  • I don't mind pubic hair at all, stubble is however not so nice. I'll say don't shave, trim far better.

    • That's your opinion. :) I don't like pubic hair (on myself) so I'm gonna continue shaving.

    • Then shave daily :)

    • 9 times out of 10 I do!

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