Do you believe Gurus are superior, equal or inferior to Masters generally?

First of all I’m not talking about GAG’s Gurus and Masters…but about Gurus and Masters generally.

Guru’s a “spiritual Master” so da “Master” title’s included already

Master’s an xpert on some certain field…it’s a very generic term…. for xample “Sex Master”

So which one’s superior? Guru’s just a title for spiritual Masters…. and Master’s just a generic term….

Personally i believe they r equal.

  • Gurus r superior to Masters
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  • Gurus r equal wid Masters
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  • Gurus r inferior to Masters
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  • Gurus are inferior to masters in the title. Why?
    Well, it is the exact reasons you said but with different take on it. Being a guru means you are a spiritual master, and you bring your guru sage widom in your specialty. However, being a master is so general, it makes it sound like you are all powerful and great at anything. You control the world with an iron fist and you are the "powers that be."

    Basically, master is the ruler of everything while guru is the master of one thing, so the title master > guru.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No. Masters were not given their titles because of helpfulness or expertise, rather they were given the title Master for their frequent use of the site.

    By that same token, I don't consider Gurus better than non-gurus.

    • i don't mean about GAG but gurus/masters generally...

    • Oh, I ignored everything else. Wow. Well, I have no need for spiritual gurus, so I would have to say that master's are more important in my life.

  • It's just a title. I'm not going to get political about it.


What Guys Said 7

  • Not to downplay spirituality. But practical applications > theoretical thought.

    Wisdom and knowledge have little value without being able to apply it. The ability to apply low levels of intelligence and knowledge almost always wins out over much higher levels of intelligence and knowledge without the ability to apply it. It's not what you know, it's what you do with it that counts.

  • Probably equal just the word "Guru" has been cheapened by modern life with "Health Gurus" etc. In their traditional forms I think guru is superior.

  • I think all the people on here, with respect for others, a helpful attitude and some common sense are equal :D
    And fortunately, even though we've had our share of creeps and catfishes, the fair people are still the majority :D

    • basically i was talkin about gurus/masters in general not in GAG

    • Haha I see... that's not something I know much about :o

  • Gurus are just here for less time or are less active than masters. So, I think they're equal.

    • i mean gurus/masters in general not here in GAG

  • Asian boi are superior to be exact 👌🏼

  • I don't guru's in generally and I will be a literal master someday soooo, yeah.

  • It all depends on what book you're reading... game you're playing... or movie you're watching...

    • xplain?

    • It means that the title or status is relative to the story or story teller.. whether it's religion or any other form of fiction...

    • k thanks

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