When you text someone and say "hey" and their response is "ya?" what kind of mood are they in?

Why not just say hey or Hi back? Do you think a response of "ya?" Could indicate what kind of mood you are in?


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  • This is pretty general. I would lose my head if I overthought this. You initiated conversation, now they're wondering why you messaged them.


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  • It seems as if that person doesn't want to be bothered.

    Then again, this is only my initial impression.

    The truth of it is,.
    You can't place any real accuracy or tone to a text message.
    It's very hard.
    It's robotic communication.

    I would probably respond by saying, "Are you busy?" , "Can you talk?"


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  • Well, 'ya' means 'yes', right? So maybe they're saying 'yes?' which can be roughly translated into 'what the hell do you want?'

    • Yes I agree it means yes in other words and the other part don't know if that's what he is thinking.

  • That person sounds very annoyed or irritated.

    • Maybe they are in a bad mood.

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    • He text back again and said "Nadda at work sweating" lol it is almost 90 degrees out.

    • Ok now that just sounds like his personality.

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