Girls, Do you believe intelligent alien life exists?

I'm not asking if you believe they are here on earth or have visited, just if you believe there is intelligent life somewhere out there in the vast universe and I'm also not asking if you believe just alien bacteria or microbes are out there.
If you do believe they have visited or are here on earth then explain why.
If you don't believe intelligent alien life exists then explain why too.

  • I believe intelligent life is here on earth (Explain why)
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  • I believe intelligent life has visited before. (Explain why)
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  • I believe intelligent life is somewhere out there
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  • I don't believe there is aliens at all (Explain why)
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  • I don't believe there is intelligent life out there like us, but I do believe there is alien bacteria or something like that
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yep. We can't possibly be the only planet that has adequate conditions for live to exist in an never ending universe.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I believe it yeah. I just don't believe they look like what we think they are. Those green rounded head little things.

    • Do you think they might look similar to us in any way?

    • Actually I think so, yes. I'm more or less thinking of how the Turians looked in Mass Effect.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Yes, I believe that intelligent life not only exists somewhere out there but has been to Earth multiple times. There are too many suspicious occurrences and it would be too arrogant considering the size of the universe not to believe three's some other intelligent form of life.

    • I agree with you about intelligent life being somewhere out there but I don't fully believe they've visited. I mean, the universe is so massive and it takes light-years to travel from star to star. Maybe in the distant past but not recently in my opinion. Although, apparently the US government has been hiding "non-terrestrial officers" in some database so you could be right.

  • i believe.. cuz i am one of them..

  • The universe is so vast, its impossible to imagine that we're all alone out here


What Guys Said 2

  • Intelligent life out there is certainly possible and I would hope is out there but considering it took 4 billion years for intelligent life to evolve here and only did so in a small group of hominids, statistically the odds are slim.

  • Yes they do, the intelligent alien life form is called boys.