Why was my debt card declined when I have plenty of money anyway?

Alrighty so, I have about five grand saved up, everything has been okay for the most part but when I went to my local store to buy some things for a party about two days ago my card was declined, tried it again and still read declined, I only just had enough spare change to pay for it. I didn't get to use it on another machine, but I did check online and there was no suspicious activity, didn't seem anything was wrong with it.

Tomorrow I'm going to a meal with a close friend and this has been playing on my mind, why was my card declined?

I've got a Visa Debt card if that helps.

Turns out it was just the machine, figures.


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  • Shouldn't you be calling your bank/visiting your local branch, rather than asking on here?


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  • Sometimes they will block it if you are using the card out of a certain area or there is suspicious activity... You need to contact issuer of card.

  • Check your card limits