If an employer has 2 vacancies, can they interview for 1 only and appoint people to both roles without considering applications for the other vacancy?

For example if they're interviewing for position A and they find someone perfect for position B, can they just appoint that person to the role without considering applications from others who have applied for position B?

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  • Employers can promote internally.

    Ex: I am employed as an intern with my organization. In December, when I graduate, I will be promoted within the department and be placed in a vacancy without having to interview for it. Because I already interviewed for the internship, they don't need to interview me for the position.

    Also, my aunt works at a place that had a position opening up and her boss thought she'd be perfect for it so he offered it to her before he opened it to others. She went through the interview as a formality and they interviewed others but she was guaranteed the job even before it became available.

    So... yeah.


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