What tasker profiles do you guys use?

For Android users - What are some useful or even just cause they seem cool tasker profiles that you guys got?

iOS users I guess you can type up something from an app like workflow even though it's nowhere near as nice or as powerful as tasker.


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  • just noticed wot's dat tasker thing:


    those 2 look good actually... i found 'em in their forum

    1. Bedtime
    Context -
    Time: 2130-0300
    Orientation: Left Side
    Power: Plugged in
    Tasks -
    Media Volume set
    Load app - White noise
    Wait - 5 seconds
    Load app - digital clock

    2. Quite Clock
    Context - same as above but time until 1000
    Tasks - Notification volume - set
    Exit task - notification volume set

    wot about it?

    • Have you tried them out yet?

    • my phone sucks actually... it turns off and starts completely on its own... but i'd like to apply #1 sounds good

      dunno how it works... on da first link i tried to download it but it says "buy" instead

    • thanks... :)

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  • I am grumpy cat, but i love tasker!

    It's can't be any better than it already is. It covers everything.

    But i don't use tasker now, it made me too lazy!

    • I can bet most people here even don't know what it is!.

      @mesonfielde must be knowing about this.

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    • A lot of it, including some basics like

      - turning off wifi when leaving home,
      - turning on mobile data, every 15 or 30 minutes when i am outside.
      - turning off wifi and silence the phone at night and then back to normal in the morning.
      - text to my mother when battery is 10%, informing that my phone battery is low.
      - silencing the phone while studying time (university, my teacher uses tasker too after seeing my tasker).
      - charging alert at 40% battery and full charge alert.
      - lend mode, alert when someone tries to look my personal stuff.
      - intruder selfie and it would abuse the intruder.
      - it can be set to open GaG automatically xD, so that people can be bluffed with last active time.
      - opening whatsapp at specific times to annoy some people with last seen Time or read status.

      There were a lot more of it. I think least profiles are best. I bloated tasker actually!

    • And also turning on internet on opening internet based apps.

  • I got sleeping mode turned on
    That's about it