Would you like me to prove you have no freewill?

That you are just a chemical reaction processing machine of the flesh. OK then let's start.

Step 1. Think of your favorite food.
Step 2. You've just proven you have no freewill.

"Ummmmmmmm Aeon WTF are you talking about? I just said my favorite food."

Well let's just look into what happen. The human brain makes choices 7 seconds before you've made a self aware choice. You are basically under the illusion that you have made a choice when in reality your brain is on auto.

So how does the brain make choices? Our wonderful yet insanely complex brain is always collecting data from our 5 senses. From the last movie you enjoyed to the warm comforting touch from a loved one it always remembers. You enjoyed eating pizza not out of freewill but because your tastebuds sent signals to your brain.

But your brain didn't pick the pizza you enjoyed so much. On a sunny beautiful day you had steak with your husband. Your emotions were high and everything was great. Your brain rememebered all the 5 senses that day and automatically picked steak. Within 7 seconds your self aware mind was fooled into thinking it picked steak out of freewill.


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  • then why does it take me 30 minutes to decide if i want spaghetti or a burrito? XD

  • Actually my only thought was the idea of a favorite food doesn't make any sense.

    Free will and determinism is a false dichotomy.

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