What if a guy told his friends that he didn't like you but still stares at you?

It's this guy on my bus and his friends (they are guys as well) were teasing him and keep saying that I'm his girlfriend because he looks at me when I'm not looking. They say that like EVERYDAY and the guy keeps telling me that he doesn't like me and don't let that get in my head (I didn't ask him if he liked me). Today I saw the guy in the hallway and I was looking around and I had looked at him for a second and he was just looking at me. Also when I came on the bus and sat down this evening, I was talking to my guy friend and I could see the guy staring at me from the corner of my eye when I was talking and laughing with my guy friend. I don't like that guy so please do not ask me if I do because I just want to know. So what if a guy told his friends that he didn't like you but still stares at you?


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  • That means he's just attracted to you


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  • He may infact like you and doesn't want to let his friends know. He could be shy or afraid.
    Guys are hard to read as a teen. When I was in highschool I had a guy stare at me all the time I didn't think he would even like me but he used to also be a pain and kick my chair in music glass. He did like me though.

    • Oh thanks

    • Not a problem
      I hope it helps a little
      The other way is to ask him "why are you staring at me?"
      I would as I'd think is there something on my face

  • Maybe he's scared or suspicious..