What inspirational books have you read, are you reading or do you plan on reading?

Today I purchased "memoirs of a child soldier." and "radiant hope." by Ishmael Beah who was a child soldier for 2-5 years in Sierra Lone before being rescued by Unicef. He is now a human rights activist. He married in 3 years ago and he and his wife both adopted 4 children from Africa from an abandoned orphanage.

I also purchased "I know why the caged bird sings." by Maya Angelou. I plan on reading one book every 1-2 months.


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  • King of Screw ups. Inspired me about relationship between parents and kid and to do better in study.

    Gimmie a call.

    Some health books, can't recall the exact titles.

    There was a book about a girl that used to be poor but then slowly becomes "rich."
    The story wasn't about that. It was really good. I think it went something like "Growing tree.."

    And some motivational books that I have yet to read.
    I think one is called Radical Acceptance... I am not sure. It's still in my library list.


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  • I never got into what most people would call inspirational books. But I suppose I was inspired by some adventure books.

    I always wanted to do like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn floating down the Mississippi River on a raft. Or the Amazon, or the Nile. It might be a kid's book, but to this day I always wanted to do that, and it's not unrealistic to do.

    Also, some of the Colin Fletcher books.
    Especially "The Man Who Walked Through Time" about his hike the full length of the Grand Canyon.

    Fletcher inspired thousands of people, maybe millions. Many credit him with the popularity of backpacking and back country hiking that used to be so popular.


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  • I don't really like those kinds of books. They are always too schmaltzy fornmy taste. I tried to read one about gratitude but it was too religious and I couldn't get through even twenty pages.