Is it bad that I just want to leave and move away?

I have a great life both of my parents love me and yet I just want yo leave and have a new start I just want to feel ok again I haven't felt ok for a year now I'm just upset and I want to escape and forget about everything. Is that wrong for me to want that?

And school just started three days ago so I can't take a vacation and I'm also stressing about school


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  • Under 18? Yes, it's bad. The big bad wolf will eat or rape you.


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  • You need a vacation.
    That's what you need.

    A get away!!!

    It's not weird.
    We all need a break from our lives sometimes.

    • I'm in school so I can't we just started school

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    • You know what that means homecoming is coming g up and I ha e to teach the other trumpet players how to play the songs and I don't even know how to play most of them

    • The problem is you're burning your brain out thinking about all of the stressful things up ahead.
      Look at the good things coming up, not the bad that mean you have more work to do.

      If I thought like you... I'd be in extreme overload.

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  • I dont know if leaving forever is good. Start looking at the good side of things, maybe you should take a vacation!


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