Help with car repair?

I was pulling into my garage at a weird angle and hit the wall. This rounded framing popped out and won't go back in. All I need is a strong enough glue to hold this part in place. Can you help/recommend certain glues for this? The entire piece is plastic.

Help with car repair??

--I have a BMW X5 Thanks!


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  • J B Weld makes a number of glues adhesives & epoxies that work with plastics. Based on what I can see in your picture, this would be an appropriate product:

    Available at major home improvement & automotive stores.

  • I can't really see the picture well enough. I'd go to an auto parts store and ask them what to use. Maybe some sort of epoxy. Plastic might be hard to repair without doing actual body work.

    Posting pictures from a couple of different angles would help. But I think your best bet is an auto parts store and asking.

    Is it hitting the tire? If it is check the tire for deep scratches that might make it unsafe.


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