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Ok a year ago my aunt died then my great grandpa died a month later then in June which is when my birthday is my niece died before she was born and she died two weeks after my birthday and I'm still not over it all and I never got to see my niece. And I have trust issues because of all of that and other reasons. And i was 13 when my aunt and grandpa died and 14 when my niece died and now im 15. So what do you think of that and would you date a girl like me who its really hard for me to trust people or her close to them?


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  • You just need to find the right person
    one whom you can confide in and open up to.

    I had a similar experience around your age
    where I lost my father, my grandmother and
    a good friend of mine.

    As soon as you find a person who will listen to your story
    and patiently let you finish, you'll know he has a good heart.

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