What should I do about a bad boss? Should I voice my concerns or just quit?

I'm a college student who works two jobs on campus. I've been at my first job for over two years and I've been at my second job for about three months. It's the second job that I have a problem with. My boss is a huge jerk. I want to quit because I literally feel like he hates me, I'm walking on eggshells, and I don't fit in at this job.

- Sometimes when I ask questions, he either ignores them completely or walks away.
- When I don't understand something and he's explaining it to me, he gets very frustrated if I don't get it right away (so frustrated that he raises his voice at me).
- He promised me a week off and then changed his mind the next day after I already made plans.
- He gives instructions that I follow, and then he decides he doesn't like the outcome and blames me.
- The last straw happened today in front of a co-worker: I was throwing up all morning and thought about calling in sick, but didn't because he had a big project for today that he's been planning for weeks. At work, we're supposed to write down on our timecards when we arrive and write down our leaving time. I'm very good about writing down when I've arrived, but my shifts are usually 4-12, so by the time I get out of work, I'm exhausted. Twice, I forgot to write down my leaving time. My boss called me bright and early on my day off to tell me, "I'm calling because you failed to sign out last night." I got frustrated and started writing down my arrival time and the time my shift got out while I was at it. My boss told me not to do this, and I never did it again until today. I wasn't feeling good and I wasn't myself today and forgot what he told me. I wrote the time my shift got out while I was writing what time I arrived. My boss noticed and lectured me for it. I apologized and reminded him that I was sick (he already knew) and he told me, "It's not the sickness". I felt humiliated.

Should I voice my concerns or just quit?


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  • Find another job then quit.

  • you should quit.

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