Do men take advantage of women more than society realizes?

I was watching this movie that disturbed me and made me wonder if it's more common than we realize since a lot of it goes unreported.


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  • Yes, it's sad when women are looked upon as a piece of meat it's not fair at all
    men need to respect women more and it does vary in different cultures too


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  • Hard to say, really. So much of what we know about the world is our own perception. I'm inclined to believe that people are good, in general, so I wouldn't automatically assume every man in my life is just trying to take advantage of me in some way or other.

    However, I'm also inclined to believe that because we all want to keep up the charade of people being generally good that we'll excuse certain behaviours that aren't technically wrong, but are instead rude or in poor taste. Women especially are socialized to be quiescent so will be the least likely to object to poor behaviour. There are certainly those that prey on that good faith and quiescence.

    We all have to struggle with internalized sexism because our society is inherently sexist. Don't worry too much about society at large - just worry about you and yours. Things change slowly and gradually. We'll get there eventually.


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  • Many men do - especially men who do not believe in or worship God. When you don't respect human souls - you can commit all kinds of exploitive behaviour towards others and still be good in your own mind and righteous in your own eyes.

    • Yea, but some men use their religion to justify crimes. In their eyes it was an act of their religion, and they were suppose to. It goes either way, not just ones who don't have a religion to follow.