How to get him to be boyfreind and know im not going to do what his ex's did?

There is mutual connection between us, the only problem is he lives in florida i in nj for the time being. I visited and he was amazing. He was the one who started pursing me and flirting saying things like I will one day be his girlfriend etc etc. Before i left we talked and didn't know what to call what we had, but he wasn't ready for anything. he's been cheated on and doesn't trust. We talk all the time through texts and such. He calls me dear says things like sweet dreams and the other day said he missed me tonight. I think he def likes me still but maybe is unsure or scared? I do not also like the fact that he can randomly have sex with other girls. I know he had sex already with one girl. It doesn't meant anything but i guess its the thrill which i guess guys do , but i dont liuke it. Well how do i make him see that im worth it and worth making me his girlfreind and to not be scared. I want to be with him and i think our relationship would be great even if it had ro be ldr for a little bit until i can officially move.


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  • you have to give him time and prove yourself to him.

    • I think I have been. I don't know how else to prove to him. We talk everyday like say good morning and say goodnight and talk through the day. We tell each other about our days and i sent him a thank you gift when i left for his hospitality.

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