What are ways you have dealt with social anxiety?

I have come to realization that I am more than just shy, but might have some social anxiety issues.

- I have avoided trying new activities or participating in events at times because of a fear of what people might think of me.
- I will not call my friends at times because I am afraid they will get tired of me
- I am sure in dating that no one likes me, even if the signs say otherwise, I convince myself there is no way and find reasons to prove it

I feel like I have made a bit of progress in dealing with some of the issues, but I am curious how others have/recomend taking this stuff on?


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  • I got on meds.


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  • Get yourself out there. Have friends support you in dating. Pushing yourself is the only way. Once you start doing it, you'll get into a "rhythm" of sorts. Eventually you'll just care less and less what people think of you.

    Been there, done that.