Is it bad I wish I had friends?

i litterally have zero friends. i am the weirdest person alive. i have aspergers and i am really weird. i did this one weird thing where i pretended to be jewish and went to a temple and went to this jewish meet up place for jewish people i only went so i could talk to people. i only did it so i could feel like i belong somewhere thats it. if i could feel like i belonged somewhere i wouldn't have done it. i am also really weird i have like zero friends. and i dont hang out with people and i dont go to parties and drink. i really wish i had friends and i had people to go out and drink with. i also have never had sex. i have never even been kissed. i just wish i had friends. i am considering getting a social worker to help me make friends. i mean at the moment netflix is my only friend


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  • I don't think that social workers help you make friends...

    have you tried the app MeetUp? Its kinda cool, random people in your area make clubs for special interests and you can go to their meetings. You won't fit in with everyone, like in my area there's a club for cyclists over 50 haha. But stuff like that you know? I know you have hobbies, I'm sure others out there have them too and have made a club about it! If not, you should make the club so others know to join you!