Why do most beaches charge you to use them?

How dare they. They are public and don't cost that much to maintain... and all this land was stolen from the Native Americans anyway.


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  • Beaches are free. What kinda of a beach are you at?

    • US not Canada

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    • That is just dumb, no one should be charged for going swimming.

    • Yeah. It makes no sense. For that one if you get there before 9 it's free but otherwise it's like $10 per person... and similar stories with others

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  • "and all this land was stolen from the Native Americans anyway."
    Land ownership LOL

    That's not how the system works.

    • Wow Canucks are rude.

    • Just a fact of life.
      You don't own something because you say you own something.
      Laws that are unenforceable are nothing but mere ink.
      Lands that are undefendable are nothing but baby lamb for slaughter.
      The world of geopolitical power have no room for niceties and moral .

  • Are you done ranting and bitching?