How to handle social anxiety at school registration tomorrow?

So, I have school registration tomorrow, and I'm really nervous because I have really bad social anxiety and I'm super shy. Some of my friends will be there so it won't be that bad, and I've never been diagnosed with anxiety but I kinda feel like I have it.😭 My mom is making me go w/ her so I can check out my locker and get my class schedule. Tips on how to not be so nervous and awkward?


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  • Yeah. Chill. People won't kill you or anything.


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  • I feel ya... It's my school registration on the 19th...

    Um anyway, just smile, stand straight... & dress really cute. Reaaaallly. Fucking. Cute.

    If you still feel awkward, they'll be too busy looking at your outfit and your cuteness.

    Oh and if it's more comfortable with you, stick with your friends/acquaintances.

    - My advice to Myself

    Best of luck to you my friend. It really isn't that bad. Like, -.- you aren't even gonna see these suckas in college – & for life in general.

    • Yeah your right. Haha. And yes, I am planning on dressing cute. Hoping it won't make me look as nervous... Lmao😕😂 i guess "dress for success"?😕

    • Yes love <3.

      & believe it or not, if you don't act so awkward and pretent you're super comfortable – it really really works! I'm being honest, because that's what I do, and I find myself more approachable.

    • Okay, thanks so much!😌

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  • Just wing it be confident and fearless smile and enjoy it if there's a obstacle figure away around it.


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  • I have registration tomorrow and I planned to go with my friends but somehow they planned a different time. I have really bad anxiety as well and right now I have nobody to go with. FML 😭

    • I'm sorry. I think at least maybe one of my friends is going at the same time as me. I'm not really sure anymore though. I hate this whole anxiety thing... It like seriously ruins 90% of my life most of the time.😣

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    • Girl's are dickheads to each other, they need to grow up. -.-

    • I agree.👌🏻

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