If you date a girl/guy for 3 months, and you find out that she/he is a transgender, would you get mad?

You still didn't have sex for 3 months.

  • Yes I would totaly break up wtih them
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  • No, if love the person I couldn't care less
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  • I would get mad but probably won't break up with them
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  • I would break with her/him.

    • *break up

    • Even if you really like the way he/she looks and you love their personality?

    • No, I cannot. Once I find out she's transgender I will not stop thinking about the fact that they used to be a man, which is a sexual turn off for me.

      Don't mean to be harsh if you are one, but that is just how I feel about it.

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  • I would want a penis to be there :(

  • if they're lying about that who knows what else they lied about. I wouldn't be comfortable in that kind of relationship, 3 months is a long time to keep that a secret from your s/o... i think i would break up with them.