How to start loving people?

tbh i have prejudice an i don't like a lot of people for a number of reasons, be it for race, religion, gender etc


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  • Think about them a lot, the most important feeling that helps you be connected with the world is empathy. Feel how they feel.

    I will give you an example , suppose you hate muslim people, close your eyes, then imagine that you are a small muslim boy growing up in iran or somewhere. Notice every minute detail you gain from the experience, it would be quite same to your own personal experience. You are made to believe and have faith in God, you have happy moments , birthdays, losing dear ones, tasting delicious food, failing in a couple exams. Life's pretty much the same.
    Imagine if your life as a muslim boy is worth hating? No, you are happy and content. Then put up the questions that you feel are instigating you to hate muslims, like, 'You guys are violent and kill each other in the name of God and cause terrorism'. And try to defend these questions as a muslim boy that you imagined you were, and you'll come up with "I don't do that, that's against Islam, I would never kill anyone, I want to live a happy and peaceful life."

    And seeing both sides of the world from your own eyes you would come to a conclusion that 'there are extremists in every religion causing trouble, some are just causing more trouble than others, so the religions is not at fault. So, there is no reason i should hate muslim people for that'

    Do this with everything you believe you have prejudice against. Seeing the world from a new pair of eyes might change your perspective.

  • most people have prejudices.

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