Agree or Disagree: There's no such thing as the "#1 best country in the word" and a great or good country is more of what you make of it?

along with freedom?

There are certain freedoms that one country have while other doesn't while that same country doesn't have that one particular freedom while the other does. Believe it or not, even the USA is not excluded from this case (the US however, just so happens to be the most media and social influencial, sensationalized country in the world, thus making them sound very loud about their overall freedoms). In the Netherlands, there's no law against possession of Marijuana and prostitution (not that I agree with it but still) while in the US, there is.

According to the State of World Liberty Index, the US doesn't even rank in the top 10 anymore in terms of economical and personal freedoms as of 2015. However, I won't take that as my only consideration at to which country has the most personal and economical freedoms. I still remain that for most parts of the world, it's more of what you make of it.

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  • totally agree!!


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  • I would agree to that statement yes.


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  • it all depend on your perspective, and how you feel about the laws and rights in your country. i live in Canada and i'm so glad that i do.

    • Yeah. Coming from an American, I'm not the typical arrogant American who think's he's superior than the rest of the world because of the country I am from. I love my country and can still acknowledge that we still have our pros and cons like the rest of the other countries.

    • that's good to hear :) im from Canada by the way,

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  • no, it's subjective.

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