So I'm at a new college and the apartment place is a disaster, can anyone help?

So I was completely given a bait and switch. I understand that mine probably wouldn't have looked as nice as the model but wow it's a slum. The toilet leaks bathroom sink leaks, there's a depressions in tub with cuts all over the place. The dishwasher doesn't work and the porch door physically in no way can open. I stupidly signed a work order to let them resurface my tub but then I realized I can't use it for 2 days so I can't even bathe now. I should get an overrall refund right. They gave me a place that doesn't work? I'm just under serious distress and am overflowing with rage for the last couple of days. School starts after tomorrow and they come tomorrow for the tub so no bathing and if I try to cancel they charge $70. I just feel so cheated lied to and robbed overall. I'm paying a lot of money for the place too. I had very low expectations coming into this because I always have been the guy that gets screwed over on literally anything in life but this is beyond horrible. I know it's going to be taxing on my mind and it will make my grades suffer tremendously and I have a great gpa at the moment and I don't want that ruined.


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  • You just have to deal with it.


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