I hate when people are worried about me! Does anyone else share my pain?

I'm having a problem in my personal life with a stalker. It's been draining a lot out of me. Today, my boss confronted me at work and told me that I'm doing a great job working, but that I haven't been as bubbly, perky, and happy in the last few weeks as I used to be. He said that he and my other bosses are worried about me. It made me uncomfortable because I don't know how to respond to that and I feel like worrying about me is a waste of their time when I'm fine. Does anyone else hate when people worry about them?


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  • Tell me about it lol I just respond "Im doing fantastic. What about you?" With a smile. I always greet everybody whether its home or work and I always say bye. Its a good habit.


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  • hmm... I used too. That is until I found out that people will do things for you when they are worried >:).


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