I'm not sure if anyone would have an answer, but I thought why not give it a shot?

Okay so my puppy is about 8-9 weeks old. when she was able to use the bathroom on her own she peed on her puppy pad no problem. I would open her crate door and it was the first thing she did. but now I will sit with her near her pad so she would use it but she won't. I'll be sitting there for a couple minutes. (3-6 min or more) and nothing, but the second i get up and move away she follows and pees a step away from the pad. and i think she knows what she did is wrong because she runs to her bed after. If anyone has any tips or trick i would really apreciate it. thank you :)


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  • Reward her with a treat when she pees on the pad °(`•○•`)° my younger sister got her own puppy and that how we taught my older sister puppy to do the same

    Who wouldn't for a treat, teach tricks to like sit

    • Ty, but did it work O. o

    • Yes it worked thank you. It took a while and still sometimes happens but a lot less thank you (:

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  • I don't think that she thinks it's wrong. I believe the thinks that you were mad at her but she didn't know why. Your puppy needs more training. One way to do this is to show her where to pee. When she pees where she shouldn't, quickly get her and show her that you are mad, then shortly after show her where she should pee and be happy about it. Eventually she will get the clue that peeing there is the right choice. Also praise her when she pees in the right place. Don't punish without showing the right thing to do. And don't hit the dog please it doesn't help, just makes you and the dog more violent and nervous.

    • I do show her where she has to do her business. when she pees anywhere that Isn't the pad I tell her no and i show her where she needs to pee and I'll put her in her crate for a little while and then Take her out and show her again where she needs to use the bathroom. I've never hit my dog, I don't think its an effective way to teach her. Although my boyfriend does have a deep voice so when he's caught her peeing anywhere other then the pad he has told her no or called her name. I feel that's why she goes to her bed

    • Maybe she isn't comfortable where she is peeing. Try moving the pad to the location to where she last peed or somewhere more private like in a room, or getting something different to pee on. Also the places she pees might smell really uncomfortable and she pees there to cover the smell up.

      Sum it up: She either,
      * Doesn't know where to pee
      * Feels uncomfortable with the pad
      * Feels uncomfortable with the location
      * Some places in the house are very smelly
      * Just trying to mark territory

    • she does use the pad when she need to go #2 Today we switched it up a bit and put her in a new room and still same thing. Could she be uncomfortable just peeing on the pad because like I said she does use it to go #2 but she won't pee on it. She will pee literally a step away from the pad.

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  • it takes time for them to learn.