Girls, How do I become a stripper?

So I need some quick cash and have been thinking seriously about trying out stripping. I am looking for advice on how to go about doing this. If anyone has experience I would appreciate your input. Thanks.


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  • is this really your only solution?

  • Near every college is a strip club offering Amateur Night = audition. Go with at least three gals, one of which will strip like you. If good enough, management will make an offer.
    Consider the security of the parking lot after hours - how to get home safely.
    Can you report back how much they are paying these days? & in what state?

    • I live in Canada I am afraid but it should be similar. I will look into the amateur nite... thats a good idea. What about just going into a club and asking them if they are hiring? I was also thinking about taking a pole dancing class... good idea?

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    • Hey thanks for your advice! Well I am not sure about this one... I am assuming if i damage my car its up to me to pay for it. There is a hotel nearby I could crash in if the weather is bad I guess. If i had to I think I would just call the cops to help. Does this sound reasonable? Oh the manager also said they do book some private parties... should I do these?

    • Maybe some of the regular gals can tell you
      how long the cops show up to help them if dialing 911 & if they ever had to do this b/c of stalkers
      they would know more about private parties, since these can range from bachelor to fraternity/sports teams, then rich perverts entitled to getting their way regardless of stinking rules