Guys sending Dick pics?

How do you feel about this. A Guy is sharing a part of himself


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  • No one likes dick pics. Period.


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  • You don't have to send unsolicited dick pics to people to "own" your dic or whatever. Let's be honest-- most guys do it into hoping something will return for them. Yeah, girls don't have the same mentality as most guys with anonymous nude pics, but that's alright. Girls are not guys. Guys are not girls. It is just the way we are wired mentally.

    Sure, it was wrong of people to say "Oh look at Steve, he has a little baby dick," but that does not give him justification to send out pics to girls anonymously through the internet. Some girls may want to see that, sure, and that's their preference, but some are disgusted by that, and don't need to be practically forced to see them by suddenly getting sent a pic.


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  • That is how small his self worth and ego is.


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  • See.. the thing is, being okay with your body is one thing
    going around and shoving it down peoples throat is another (pun intended)

    It's the exact same reason people don't like
    arrogant people, or cocky people who goes around
    bragging about themselves, nobody wants to hear it.

    Or in the case of the video's subject.. see, it.

  • Before you try to share something you should have a reasonable indication the other person wants it. You might like Limburger cheese but you don't really want to offer someone half your liverwurst and Limburger sandwich without some preliminary exploration of their feelings on the issue.