Which name should I choose?

I'm trying to choose a new name for myself. I'm going through some gender identity stuff, and I've decided to start going by a different name. I've looked through some lists, and spoken to some friends, and I've narrowed down my decision to 3 possible choices: Rowan, Ruby, or Sparrow. I like the name Rowan because it's makes me think of trees, a forest, and an over all relaxing vibe. I like the name Ruby, because it's a simple name, and also the name of my grandmother and my birth stone. I like the name Sparrow because it's one I've never heard, and it's makes me think of a gentile little bird. So which one should I choose?

  • Rowan (be the tree, hippy)
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  • Ruby (save the family name)
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  • Sparrow (fly free, Little Bird)
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Sparrow is now out of the poll. Not popular enough.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Do you want to be.. out there? or more.. blend in?

    Rowan is a boys name, so it won't fit.
    Sparrow, is a bit out there.. so it will garner attention on its own.

    Ruby is the safest choice if you want to try and blend in more

    • Rowan, as it turns out, is actually a unisex name. I've met a girl named Rowan, I don't really know her, but she's the only one I've met.

    • I've only ever met guys named Rowan.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Rowan , feels like coolness.


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What Girls Said 3


    • I like where your head is at, but at this point it appears to be between Rowan and Ruby c:

  • So are you going from man to woman or woman to man? So I can decide which name fits better.

    • Male to female, but not the whole way. I don't want to rely on meds, so I can only make a partial transition.

    • I like Rowan and Ruby, it is your choice but I like both, so I am not much help. Good luck on your partial transition.

    • At this point, it's between Rowan and Ruby. I like both names, just gotta wait for the polls to sum up, and for a few more opinions from friends. c:

  • Sparrow kicks ass. Why do you want something popular tho?


What Guys Said 2

  • I voted B, but in the end... don't let random people on a site choose for you. Go with what you feel is right and what you feel suits you best :)

  • Choose whichever name you think suits you best, not what some strangers who don't know your personality or character at all think.

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