Speeding ticket help!!! Going 94 in a 70... Really need some help?

I live in Iowa and yesterday I got pulled over for going 94 in a 70 mph zone. Thankfully it was only 24 over so my license wasn't suspended. I have already paid the ticket because I don't want my parents to find out how fast I was going. I've told them that I was going 75 in a 55 mph zone. Will this efect my insurance and is there a way my parents would ever find out how fast I was going? I'm 19 years old and I really want this off of my record so is there anyway I could get it off? Also should I volunteer to take a defensive driving course/ traffic school to lower or remove the points added to my license or should I just stop worrying? All help is greatly appreciated this is my first ticket so I'm kind of freaking out..


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  • well, a couple of things:
    -usually, after 6 months they will automatically remove traffic violations from your record, as long as you don't accrue any more during that six months.
    -in general, you never want to pay a ticket. You take it to court. But you don't take it to court right away, you delay your court date over and over, call in sick, et cetera. Push it back for months. If you're lucky, the issuing officer won't even show up that day and the ticket will be dropped.

    speeding isn't a "crime" in the moral sense of the word. All it is is revenue. Use the system to make it more expensive to collect their fine than what the fine pays, and they'll just lose interest..

    • Thank you! I've already paid the ticket off so I'm kind of stuck wondering what's going to happen...

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    • yeah i was on 80 going west and i had stopped at a rest stop and there he was waiting when i got back on.. i didn't even see him but you live and you learn and i've definitely learned but i want to thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it!

    • It doesn't automatically go off the record after 6 months. It never goes off. For calculation of points it might be a six month period, but it's still on the record. Most states I've seen have a 6 month, 2 year, and lifetime point system. In my state I think the only thing that counts for lifetime is serious stuff like DUI.

      As for not paying the ticket, I've heard that strategy before. But I think it probably backfires more often than it works. The cop doesn't need to show up for the first court date. The cop only needs to show up if you plead not guilty and go to trial. If you do that and don't have a real defense, the judge is going to be pissed. From what I've heard, the cop usually does show. So it's just wasting everyone's time. It's easiest to just pay the thing. I think the only time it might be worth playing games like that are if you are reaching 12 points or whatever the threshold is for losing your license. Then it might be worth trying.

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  • Unless people here from Iowa can answer, it's different everywhere. You may have to call the Iowa DMV to ask these specific questions about insurance and how it will affect your license. Usually a one-time/first-time occurrence does not affect your license. A second and third time will though. I'm not sure how it works where you are given your age or how long you've been driving for. Iowa might or might not have stipulations about how they will treat your insurance. You can call and get the correct answers: https://www.dmv.org/ia-iowa/dmv-office-finder.php

    • Thank you! I guess I'm just freaking out cause it's my first ticket and I really have no ideas what's going to happen..

    • Oh usually nothing. It's one ticket and it's pretty normal. As for your parents finding out, no - it's not like you'll get something in the mail they'll be questioning. That only happens if you *don't* pay your fine and you get a reminder. But you did, so you're all good.

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  • Insurance:
    No way to know. Your insurance company may or may not find out (but they probably will). If they do find out it might raise your rates, or it might not. It just depends on the company and insurance policy. Even the same company might have different rules for different policies. If it goes up and your parents are paying your insurance, they'll know it went up, and probably know it was because of a ticket. I doubt if they'll know how fast you were going.

    Your record:
    People get confused by this. "Off your record" can mean a couple of different things. NOTHING EVER goes off your record. Once it's in the police record it's there forever. When you hear about something going off your record, it basically means it doesn't affect most thing. It also means it doesn't come up with a casual inquiry. But it is still on your record. Anyone with the proper authority can see it. If you are pulled over 30 years from now, the cop who pulled you over will probably know about your speeding ticket before they walk up to your car. If you go in the military, they will know about it. If you get any kind of security clearance, they will know about it - it's unlikely tot affect the clearance, but they'll know.

    I don't know about removing the points. I think nothing will remove the points, but you need to check in your state to make sure. Check around the DMV web site in your state. You might also ask someone at the court if there's anything you can do. I doubt if you can, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Relax a little. Probably the large majority of people have gotten tickets. You were going pretty fast though, so you are lucky it didn't bump you into something more serious. Was this out in the middle of nowhere? Or were you going that fast near a town or city?

    • it was out in the middle of nowhere... and i'm very thankful nothing more serious happened..

    • If it's out in the middle of nowhere you got unlucky. In most of the central and western states you can get by driving pretty fast out on the open road. But you need to slow down well before getting to towns and cities. I usually start slowing a little within 20 miles of a town. Then slow even more within 5 miles. You get a lot of speed traps approaching towns and cities.

      If you don't already know it, watch the truckers. When they slow down there is a reason. If you're around a group of trucks doing 85 then you can be pretty sure it's safe ahead.

    • Thank you for you're help! I know I definitely won't be speeding again

  • Take the course and try not to worry so much about it, there are worse things to worry about

  • You should have sent it in not guilty and kept adjourning it and then plea bargain it down to a lesser charge and points but now since you sent it in it's going put a lot of points on your license , your insurance will go up too and if your parents are paying it they will see the increase and know why. All you can do now is take defensive driving course to reduce the points and insurance premium from going up after it goes on your license and not before

    • I didn't know it was my first ticket so I just really didn't want my parents to see it... So I just want to double check I understand what you're saying... You think I should take a course to reduce the points? Should I sign up for it immediately?

    • No you have to wait until it appears on your license then take the course so it can reduce the points and insurance but it will stay on your record for 39 months

    • Some states are a little different but if that's the state you live in it will show up on your license but after 18 months you'll be ok even if you got another ticket, it's just the insurance companies like to keep your rates higher for it for over 3 years

  • why would you ever go that fast lmfao

  • >Only 24 over
    >Thinking it isn't going to affect anything
    >Thinking it can be expunged

    • Like I said below I know it was dumb but I just need some advice on what to do... I'm not saying that going 24 over was okay I'm saying thankfully my license wasn't suspended and I want to know what to do to keep it from getting suspended I'm 19 years old I just wanted to get home I understand it was stupid

  • 94 mph is a dumbass move.. get head outta ass

    • Obviously I know that.. It was late at night and I was in a rush to get home cause I had to work early the next morning.. I was just on here to get some advice cause I've been beating myself up about it all day and night I understand it was a stupid mistake but I just wanted to understand better what I can do to help my situation

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  • Stop worrying and focus on your driving.
    If you really drive horribly, go follow a course.

    Some people with a license drive WORSE than actual learner drivers.
    Me and my dad almost had an accident because of one

    • This was my first ticket I never speed I just was in a rush to get home I know it was stupid...

    • The human body is weak. Hurrying can cause stress and accidents :/
      It can happen before you know it, if you think about it when you're in the bed, it's not worth it