Can anyone help me to find him?

We don't have each other's number, I even forgot his name. I just remember his friend's name is "Tom", whether is a nickname or not I dont know, and Tom stays in the same town as I do, he studies economy.

Are there any methods that I can find Tom on Facebook or somethingx then I can contact him through tom? Please help, thank you!


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  • Just search tom then just go through all the searches till you find him. Or go to the people in your classes FB and search tom in there friends.


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  • If you know where Tom lives or works or goes to school, you can include that in the search. For example, "Tom Sacramento Pizzatopia". Then look through his friends if he made that visible to the public, or ask him. Otherwise, it would be impossible.

    • I tried, but I didn't find him..

  • Oh even not name? it seems it may be impossible...

    • What aboit Tom? Tom is 23, lives in the same town studies at the same universityx study ecomony. But as for him I conpletele forgot his name. He's a police and 24.. I tried to find tom on fb, but you know, too many people called Tom..

    • Yes :/ I wish u knew surname

  • He doesn't happen to be a crimal on the run


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