What is beyond our universe?

I searched YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Bing and all the search engines you could list that 'What is beyond our universe?' Scientists haven't figured out what is there. I think there will be another universes out there when we'll go outside our universe... What do you think? What is beyond our universe?


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  • You haven't searched the "dark web" bro... you'll find your answer there (you didn't hear this from me shhh)


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  • Most likely (I would argue with a likelihood of over 99%), outside of our universe, there's... nothing.
    Now, pure nothingness is rather hard for the human mind to imagine. No light, no sound waves, no particles, no energy, no physical laws.
    However, what we have to understand is that simply because we can't imagine something doesn't mean it can't exist. The universe doesn't care about what humans can imagine and what they can't.

  • Based on the definition, the only things we can experience are in our universe, but that's just because people said so. I don't think there's much evidence that there are other universes except that it's naive to assume that ours is the only one. I'm a physicist, but I haven't gone down that route. I don't think we can observe enough to justify making theories about that stuff.