Time for a bedtime story, most creative gets MHO?

title says it all!

let's see who's the most creative, keep it clean guys please :)

Goodnight everyone <3


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  • I saw this question early and was pondering it during the day. I wanted it to be interactive, a bit of fun, about you and look at certain aspects of your personality. I have noticed you are very nostalgic, a curious cat and very impatient not necessarily bad things but useful in this story. Lets have fun and go back to the store to when you saw the hot young guy. He was eating candy when all of sudden he started to choke. He was in real trouble until you offered to slap him on the back, he nodded and you did, the candy flew out of his mouth clearing his airway.
    Anyway while getting his breath back and offering his eternal gratitude, he explains he is a sorcerer's apprentice and he wanted to thank you. He had an offer for you pulled out a packet of 3 jellybeans saying one of these beans will allow to go back to the best day of your life so far but you will live this day on a groundhog day loop forever, another bean is just a jellybean, eat it and nothing happens. The last bean will show you your future now the guy doesn't know how it will look but if you eat the bean you have to live it as it is shown you can't change it. The thing is there is only magic enough for one bean and once the first bean is gone, the other two become normal beans.
    The guy says I can tell you which bean is which or you can just eat one blind. So now the interaction, you decide the end
    (A) Gamble - Eat one bean blind
    (B) Choose
    Bean 1: Happy past but Groundhog style
    Bean 2: Normal Jellybean, no change
    Bean 3: See the future

  • Nick Clegg heard the sirens, but could see only the blood in his eyelids. Nick Clegg felt the flames, but couldn’t move away. Nick Clegg saw snapshots of better days - a stolen kiss, a bike ride at sunset, a child’s first laughter, applause from loving crowds - fragments of old smiles. Nick Clegg heard the screams, but then there was only silence, a nothingness to drown out all that came before.
    Nick Clegg saw the light, a cleansing golden light, and swam towards it. Nick Clegg looked down and watched the planet turn beneath him, saw the ice caps smaller than his fingernail, viewed the Great Wall and the Pyramids at once.
    Nick Clegg saw thousands of peoples united in love, with limitless potential for good. Nick Clegg saw a world where the smallest could be strong, the frail protected, the ignorant educated, where the power of hope and optimism could defeat self-interest and cynicism. A flight of shining yellow birds flanked him on his journey, and Nick Clegg chanced a grin.
    Nick Clegg saw the gleaming gates, and felt their pull towards him.
    “Nicholas Clegg”, said the voice, “I am St. Peter, Keeper of the Keys, Guardian of the Gates of Heaven, and it is my job to judge those who stand before me for their worthiness to enter His Eternal Kingdom.”
    Nick Clegg said,
    “Oh. Can I… come in?”
    St. Peter paused for a moment.
    “Why not?”
    “You know why.”
    “Oh. It’s because of that thing I did, isn’t it?”
    “Yes, Nick. It’s because of that thing you did.”
    Nick Clegg took a second to think.
    “You mean the cactus thing?”
    St. Peter sighed.
    “No, Nick, not the cactus thing.”
    Nick Clegg felt the flames, but couldn’t move away. Nick Clegg heard the endless laughter of his enemies, and couldn’t answer back. Nick Clegg saw death and poverty and starvation, and was powerless to stop it. Nick Clegg regretted that one thing he did, years ago, and he couldn’t help but look slightly sad about it.

    I'm going to miss Nick Clegg as leader of the Lib Dems. He was a cool guy.

  • Here is the story of the fun-filled adventure of Lesley the Pony having an A+ day on his way to Merryland. He was going to meet The Duke. What could go wrong? :D

  • 王朋和苹果
    (Wáng Péng and the Apple)

    There once was a boy named 王朋 (Wáng Péng), who lived on the slopes of Mount 衡山 (Héng Shān). He was a monk of his sacred temple and performed his duties accordingly. He would: Feed the livestock, sweep the temple grounds, water the gardens, and cook for the elders. 王朋 (Wáng Péng) was accustomed to his daily rituals, quite so, that he would always fulfill them dutifully and punctually; the elders commended him quite often.

    At the valley of Mount 衡山 (Héng Shān), there is a village; not too large but also not too small. 王朋 (Wáng Péng) always loved to visit the village. On his trips to its local market, 王朋 (Wáng Péng) would always discover something new; something he had never heard of or seen before; something from the outside world. The elders, on the other hand, did not like to linger for long, leaving 王朋 (Wáng Péng) with very little time to discover more.

    One day, while going about his duties, 王朋 (Wáng Péng) was unexpectedly approached by one of his elders. "Good morning elder", said 王朋 (Wáng Péng), "Good morning", repeated the elder, "Is there something I can assist you with?", asked 王朋 (Wáng Péng), "Yes", answered the elder, "can you run down to the village market and buy feul for the temple lamps? They have almost exhausted their supply of oil." "Of course elder", replied 王朋 (Wáng Péng), the elder then handed 10¥ to 王朋 (Wang Peng) and said, "Now, I am trusting you enough to go alone. Please, do not linger and be cautious.", 王朋 (Wáng Péng) replied "Do not worry elder, I will be back soon." and went off to the village.

    Once 王朋 (Wáng Péng) arrived at the village, he bagan to notice that the locals were not interacting with one another as usual. He wondered about it for a moment but remembered not to linger, for his elder asked him not to. Once at the oil vendor, 王朋 (Wáng Péng) asked for one gallon of oil and paid accordingly. As 王朋 (Wáng Péng) was walking away, the vendor suddenly hollered and beckoned him back.

    To be continued...

  • Once upon a time there was a gag minion who private chatted with another gag minion and after months and months of flirting they finally met and after they spend the night with each other the man date raped her and stole her organs and killed her the end.

  • "There was once a man named Greg who ate a hard boiled egg, it made him weepy and afterwards sleepy, so now he won't go astray."

  • Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a candy kingdom, the candy princess had to fight the evil broccoli man. the princess stabbed it with a candy cane and it turned into goo and the candy kingdom was saved! the end.

  • There was a time where... And they lived happily ever after
    The end.


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  • Once upon a time there was an ogre who lived in a swamp, saved a princess, went through some shit and then lived happily ever after.

    The End.

  • I <3 reading the stuff on fanfiction. net no better stories!

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