So, is the new idea that white people are just never racist?

Seriously, considering how, every single time a white person does some despicable shit and people notice it, the asshats come out of the woodwork and begin their never ending bitch-fest about how "IT'S ONLY RACIST WHEN WHITE PEOPLE DO IT". I mean, jeez, what, can no white person be a racist piece of shit? Ever notice how it seems like a shitload of white people jump to the defensive of a white person making a race "joke" (I put joke in parantheses because, sometimes it literally just comes down to just saying a fucking slur and laughing like a jackass) yet a person of color (usually a black person) makes a relatively benign joke and the cries of "reverse-racism" shout in the sky. So, um, what the fuck?


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  • Jokes are a touchy subject. I can see both sides of it so I'll leave that alone. As far as white people never being racist of course that's false. Anyone can be racist. I just don't like that the media will make everything about race when someone does a mass shooting or something. How about focus on the murdering of innocent people instead of "this was racial motivated." While it's important to know that there are still racists out there still they are not helping. Just trying to find a leg to boast their own selves up on.

    • If you're talking about the Charleston shooting, the guy actively stated his motivation was entirely race based. The media wouldn't have focused on it if he hadn't outlined it as his entire reason.

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    • Yes it was his motivation I'm sure. My point is that the media doesn't give a damn about helping people who are afflicted through racial means. They just like to highlight it to get people stirred up.

    • Oh, I don't think the media does either, but I do think some people that make the grievous mistake of pointing out racism in society, rather than pretending to be happy and acting like it's non-existent, actually want to help.

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  • the truth. I've had friends who have called me "nigger" turn to viscous defence tactics when I say white people like cheese lmfao

    • Isn't it annoying? I knew a white guy that said n** often in jokes, but got offended when another white person referred to himself as a "wigger"

    • Lolol that is ridiculous. It's so hypocritical and I just don't have the will power to deal with this kind of ignorance any more

  • I don't know any people saying that. I think the complainers are asking for an objective definition of racism and for it to be applied to everyone rather than a subjective definition (racism is whatever the offended people say it is) or one that only applies to some classes of people (those 'in power').

    • Well, obviously the majority should not be able to tell the minority what bothers them.

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    • Yeah, I do have a problem with the fact that they think they should be able to tell blacks what rights they're allowed to have

    • Democracy is the principle that WE ALL decide what rights WE ALL have. The majority vote decides. YOU or your group however you define it does not get to decide on what it's own special rights will be. It must submit like everyone else to the majority vote. If you don't like living as part of a larger community and submitting to the will of a majority you can try to form your own country I suppose. Let me know how that works out. I'd be interested to know what you do when minorities in your new nation want to decide what rights they should have. I'd like to decide I shouldn't have to pay taxes myself.

  • These days I think the people offended by race jokes are more childish than the people telling them. It doesn't matter what color you are, if you're overly PC you're part of the problem in today's society.

    • I don't get offended by race jokes, my point was in the hypocrisy of telling a really offensive race joke and feeling offended by a benign one.

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    • The worst part is, the guy that said it wasn't saying it about him, he was saying it about himself

    • That's even worse when someone takes offence at something that isn't even their business.

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